Summary of Programs

A description of the programs for BICEP can be found below along with access to more information or resources.

Pooled & Commercial Liability Programs

BICEP provides excess liability coverage to its members through a combination of pooling and commercial insurance.  The Pooled Excess Liability Program provides defense to members against claims and suits exceeding $1 million that arise from covered occurrences.

BICEP purchases reinsurance and excess liability insurance from the commercial market when it makes economic sense to do so.

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Excess Workers' Compensation Program

BICEP members jointly purchase excess workers’ compensation insurance at a lower cost by combining as one large entity in the marketplace.  The current program provides $50 million in limits above a $500,000 or $1 million SIR with a $10 million limit on employers’ liability. However, the specific program structure can vary depending on marketplace conditions.

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Property Insurance Program

This program provides broad ‘All Risk’ replacement cost coverage with no co-insurance penalties covering buildings, contents (including computer and fine arts), motor vehicles, mobile equipment, and rental value income for debt service needs. Automobile physical damage coverage can be purchased at stated values for all vehicles, including emergency vehicles.  Earthquake and flood insurance is available, as well as boiler and machinery coverage.

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Special Event Insurance Program

This program provides $1 million or more in liability coverage for special tenant/user events, held or sponsored by companies, organizations, or individuals that have been permitted to use city premises. Coverage can also be expanded to include instructors and city sponsored or co-sponsored events. The member city is named as the Additional Insured to offset the transfer of risk.

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Vendor/Contractors Insurance Program

This program provides general liability and employee dishonesty coverage to vendors/contractors who cannot meet member’s minimum insurance requirements. This coverage is contract specific and applies while performing a service for the member agency. A professional liability program for vendors/contractors may be developed in the future.

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Crime Insurance Program

Commercial Crime coverage is available to provide up to $10 million in limits including Faithful Performance for all employees. Coverage form includes Employee Dishonesty, Depositors Forgery, Money and Securities (inside and out), Robbery or Safe Burglary, Computer Fraud, Funds Transfer Fraud, and Money Orders and Counterfeit Currency.

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Pollution Insurance Program

This program provides coverage for pollution conditions for third party bodily injury and property damage, on and offsite. Coverage includes remediation costs and defense costs. It can cover landfills, underground storage tanks, wastewater plants, non-owned disposal sites and other specific operations. It can also extend to first party “clean-up” costs.

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