York Risk Control Services

As a provider of safety services and training, York has credentialed professionals with the experience and qualifications to develop and carry out effective risk control plans. York can provide a wide array of services – from a full service plan to a la carte services.

Loss Analysis

The advantages of a loss analysis are twofold. (1) Evaluating data by frequency and severity allows York to develop a customized, focused risk assessment and safety plan that addresses your specific loss drivers. (2) That same analysis provides bench marking which compares your performance against others in your industry and serves as a baseline for measuring future success.

Risk Assessments

Assessments can be customized to address specific loss drivers identified in your loss analysis. York has assessment criteria for most exposure areas and can customize an assessment and report based on your specific loss drivers. Assessments include targeted questions evaluating general safety program implementation and controls in place to address injury trends. This approach allows us to condense the assessment and focus on priority areas. Our reports are concise and make it easy to understand and implement recommendations. Assessments also include a scorecard that allows clients to easily understand strengths and weaknesses within their programs.

Onsite Services

York has extensive experience assisting clients with safety program development and implementation based on risk assessment recommendations. We also have a team of credentialed safety professionals who can provide onsite training on a variety of subjects, including: ergonomics, accident investigation, hazard communication, blood borne pathogens, lockout/tagout, aerial lifts, and forklifts. Other consultative services include hazard inspections, office and industrial ergonomic evaluations, CPSI certified playground inspections, transit focused inspections, and more.

Safety Communications

We provide targeted safety communications on pertinent issues and exposures. Topics are chosen based on your organization’s needs, loss drivers, and emerging safety issues. These communications tools can be used to educate employees and to help prepare for workplace emergencies.

Streaming Video Access

Our clients have access to an extensive library of over 150 online streaming safety videos that include supplemental slide presentations and tests.

Webinar Series

York webinars cover a wide range of relevant safety topics, such as information on Cal/OSHA’s aerosol transmissible disease regulation, heat illness prevention, and scaffold safety. The webinar series serves as an interactive learning tool for people at all levels of your organization.

Rent a Safety Manager

Rent a Safety Manager

Virtual Safety Manager Program

Virtual Safety Manager Program

Risk Control Services Brochure

Risk Control Services Brochure

York has released an upgraded safety website with easy-to-use resources to take your safety culture to the next level. With a focus on WHY safety matters, everything we provide is aimed to help inspire and motivate managers, supervisors, and employees to make a difference by being safe and productive.

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